About Kush Water H2O

Kush Water H2O is born from a desire to provide consumers with an alternative choice to existing water products.

Our water isn’t from some exotic locale, but from local municipalities and purified using the process of reverse osmosis, a process that helps you to take an active role in reducing the environmental footprint. Each day our bodies must replace 2.4 litres of water for healthy body functioning and our company is committed to providing you with simply refreshing water for an active lifestyle.

Look for our Kush Water H2O van at Kush events, our glow in the dark labels pumping in the air at a club near you, at the gym to rehydrate after a sweaty workout, or our sleek sexy bottle design peeking out of a skateboarders backpack. What ever you do you need to “hydrate to operate,” so choose Kush Water H2O to optimize your healthy body. 

Kush Water H2O - "its not just water, it's a movement."